One in Eight Drivers Still Use a Mobile Phone at the Wheel


Road safety charity, Brake, and insurance specialists have recently conducted a survey and concluded interesting driving mobile habits. One in eight UK drivers admitted that they use handheld mobile phones behind the wheel and one in 25 asserted that they read or send messages while driving.

However, the recent figure is an improved one, because a fall of 36% has been seen this time, as compared to the 2006 statistics. In 2006, UK laws banned using mobile phones while driving.

In the same period, four in 10 drivers have claimed to use hands-free while driving. This figure has increased by 22%, although it isn’t illegal. According to Brake, the danger level is the same whether you are using a handheld phone, Bluetooth technology or hands-free.

Senior management at Brake are shocked to observe that, despite regulation of strict driving laws for 10 years now; one in eight drivers have still not stopped using a hand-held mobile at the wheel, putting their lives in danger. Secondly, there is a widespread belief that using hands-free is safe, but in actual fact, it can cause the same level of damage; therefore, drivers must stop living in this illusion.

The charity have cited results from a research study by the University of Western Australia, which disclosed that the risk rate has increased four times since the last published statistics.

In fact, it is more frightening to know that hands-free mobile driving could be dangerous than drink driving. Both of them distract the driver and his concentration is unintentionally shifts away from the road.

If more drivers become aware of the dangers of using mobile phones while driving, and stop using them,, the practice will one day have the same status of a social-taboo as of drink-driving.