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What to do when you receive unnatural link message in Google webmaster account?

Un-natural links is the hot topic and new challenge for SEO world.   In the past we SEO people use everything we could use to build link when Google told us that link is important for ranking.  Unfortunately we didn’t listen carefully that actually Google was referring to natural links but to be honest in the past Google itself didn’t pay that much attention to what it preached. Due to this 1000s of websites enjoyed huge success just based on building 1000s of automated links.

How car dealers can make the most of online marketing

To paraphrase Jane Austen, it is a truth universally acknowledged that a business in possession of products or services worth promoting must be in want of a website. Most car dealers do have

How to buy a used car without getting tricked into choosing a dud?

In times of financial pressure, people inevitably become much cannier when considering larger purchases. As a result, private sellers and car supermarkets have sprung up all over the country, selling good quality,

Dos and don’ts for a successful car salesman

For most people, selling is an inevitable part of daily life, whether it is part of someone’s job or a necessary aspect of entering the supermarket.