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How to Grow your Dealership with Twitter

The biggest benefit of Twitter is that it allows anyone to engage with everyone on the network. You don’t need to be a fan, or even a follower to reach out to someone in real time — just find someone you’re interested in and send them a “mention.

Here are a few Twitter marketing tips that you, as a car dealer or local business, can use to encourage an increased response to your tweets and Twitter activity.

Social Media Marketing Explained for Car Dealership

Social media has experienced a meteoric rise over in the past few years, going from a social experiment by a group of college students to a worldwide communication phenomenon. Businesses have recognised its potential for interacting with customers and more and more deals are being done online than ever before.

How to make car dealership successful without the help of classified motoring websites?

Car dealers are always under pressure of leading classified websites like Auto Trader, Ebay and motors, which kills the confidence of dealers 

Dos and don’ts for a successful car salesman

For most people, selling is an inevitable part of daily life, whether it is part of someone’s job or a necessary aspect of entering the supermarket.