Brilliant PR Strategies by Car Manufacturers


Public relations is the one of the best marketing techniques to get noticed by the public. People remember the brand because of the emotions associated with it, especially if something has caused controversy.

In a highly competitive environment, car manufacturers always aim to achieve acceptance from the public whenever they launch a new model. If the brand manages to form positive associations in the customer’s mind, it will easily stand out from the crowd and earn sales in a massively competitive field.

To follow are some amazing publicity stunts played by car manufacturers.


The German car manufacturers came up with an idea of finding their newest model C-Class Coupe on the internet. The game was called ‘’Escape The Map’’. Players had to trap people on Google Street View. They had to use the portal to follow clues, as well as the C-Class Coupe sat nav, in order to escape. The players with fastest escape had more chances to win a prize.


Just like Mercedez-Benz, Citroen set up a game of hide and seek. Players had to find the virtual DS4s, either on Facebook or by using their phone app. The virtual DS4s, 700,000 in number, were hidden throughout the country.


Chevrolet is an American brand and is extremely popular there. However, it has not really enjoyed significant global attention. In 2012, the brand decided to use the internet to spread the word. Skateboarding legend, Rob Dyrdek , modified a Chevrolet Sonic and transformed it into a magnificent stunt racecar. In order toshow a thrilling car flip in mid-air, Chevrolet Sonic used a huge-flip ramp on a racetrack. The whole scene was recorded, the flip went amazingly well and the video went viral.


They adopted an exceptional PR strategy. The Lamborghini was given to Italian police to promote the model, Gallardo. Police were trained by the company to drive the super 560bhp, which hit the headlines and got the world talking about it.