What to do when you receive unnatural link message in Google webmaster account?

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How car dealers can make the most of online marketing

To paraphrase Jane Austen, it is a truth universally acknowledged that a business in possession of products or services worth promoting must be in want of a website. Most car dealers do More »

How to buy a used car without getting tricked into choosing a dud?

In times of financial pressure, people inevitably become much cannier when considering larger purchases. As a result, private sellers and car supermarkets have sprung up all over the country, selling good quality, More »

Dos and don’ts for a successful car salesman

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Advantages of Selling a Car Online

There are different ways of getting rid of your old vehicle. Saving time on the job is the biggest challenge for people today, as they want to find ways to do it in the best  possible way.

Brilliant PR Strategies by Car Manufacturers

Public relations is the one of the best marketing techniques to get noticed by the public. People remember the brand because of the emotions associated with it, especially if something has caused controversy.

One in Eight Drivers Still Use a Mobile Phone at the Wheel

Road safety charity, Brake, and insurance specialists have recently conducted a survey and concluded interesting driving mobile habits. One in eight UK drivers admitted that they use handheld mobile phones behind the wheel and one in 25 asserted that they read or send messages while driving.

How to Grow Facebook Followers and Likes

First of all it’s important that you plan to grow Facebook fans for the right reason. Don’t waste time in building fans just because of your competitors who are smaller in size but have more fans. WRONG.

Google Satellite Map Reveals the Used Car Stock Held by Top Car Supermarkets.

Various car supermarkets claims to have 1000s of used cars in stock but let’s see what Google satellite map reveals when we have the birds’ eye view.

Here are 10 most popular used car supermarkets with their stock picture from satellite.

How to Grow your Dealership with Twitter

The biggest benefit of Twitter is that it allows anyone to engage with everyone on the network. You don’t need to be a fan, or even a follower to reach out to someone in real time — just find someone you’re interested in and send them a “mention.

Here are a few Twitter marketing tips that you, as a car dealer or local business, can use to encourage an increased response to your tweets and Twitter activity.